Local govt leaders get money saving ideas but they just can’t seem to cash in on them” was the headl수원출장마사지ine that ran in a leading local newspaper over the weekend. It was followed by a column in the same newspaper with the same headline, “What do politicians get paid to do? They just can’t seem to cash in on them” (the latter was by the same writer).

This week I am going to go over some of these ideas and try to explain why they are not really very smart ideas to get paid for.

No, we don’t pay anyone to put ideas into policy. Why would we?

Why would we invest in policy when our biggest expense is the lack of time in which to think about what it is we want or how we can pay for it?

A small investment is the amount of time spent actually trying to make something work. We spend much less time trying to implement policy if we have time for analysis, trial and error, and the like.

Policy isn’t about what people think and feel – it’s about creating something that works

Think of it like this: if you want to know how much money we want to invest in something, you have to find out what it will do and pay for. You can’t just ask. It’s too difficult and expensive and would require people with a lot of time to spend on 평택출장마사지it. The solution is to spend much more time analyzing what’s possible and how it will benefit us than what to spend or why we should spend it. You’re better off doing research and asking people in good faith about how we might want to do this.

For example, I’m not convinced that it’s a particularly cost-effective idea to spend a week in the lab to figure out if people like our current system. It’s not very cost-effective. But if I’m a politician, it is worth it in a week. This is why the most successful people spend a lot of their time going over ideas and writing papers about them.

The same concept is also true for policy.

We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make an argument for something. An easy example is how we respond to criticism of our current policies (our ideas).

It’s not alway제천출장샵s simple to be able to debate people, so we need to find a way to find other ways to work with people who disagree with us so that we can keep our ideas alive and relevant. It is much more effective to try to find other ways t

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